Asset Management 

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Asset Management Services:


Baker and Associates provides Asset Management Services.  Do you know what you have for assets and liabilities?  

Have you prepared a personal or business Financial Balance Sheet lately?  We can assist individual clients and businesses, small and big, in financial Balance Sheet formation.  

See a "Snapshot" of your current assets and liabilities on one easy to read page.  This process may help your designated family members and loved ones who someday may need to assist you with your financial needs and care.  

Asset management is the art and science of identifying the assets, making decisions about policy, matching investments to objectives, and balancing risk against performance.  Before achieving those benchmarks, individuals and businesses must know what they own and what you owe.

Contact Baker and Associates today, someone you can trust without reservation, and with their other trusted member professionals, can assist you by providing Asset Management Services that fit your individual needs. 


Providing these services since September 1995.