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The latest insurance industry data from Quadrant Information Services shows that from the period of 2010 to 2011, individual insurance expense costs rose 9.6% and family insurance expense costs rose 5.6% in just one year, are you on the right side of the curve? Do you think that you could be overpaying for insurance on your business, house, autos, liability or other operational asset?  When was the last time you did a competitive bid analysis of your personal or business policy renewals?  Do you feel you were treated fairly and equally on your last insurance damage claim(s)?  We can give you trusted third party recommendations that may benefit you and save you money.  In one latest competitive insurance bid/renewal process we assisted with, a Nebraska City Council saved its city taxpayers $119,774.00 off of its local agent insurance earlier renewal billing by allowing a professional apples to apples insurance bid analysis to be completed, that's real money!

Baker and Associates is not an insurance agent or broker. We DO NOT sell insurance. Our mission is to provide unbiased insurance and risk management consulting services to individuals, businesses, municipalities, and other units of government both large and small, wanting a true apples to apples independent bid comparison.  We can provide individuals, businesses, big and small, insurance policy reviews, renewal assistance and general risk analysis. Our trusted network of professionals can assist with local insurance agency service expectations, claims reviews, RFP-RFQ processes, compliance, training, and best practices. Your Insurance premiums and risks must be managed, not simply avoided. 

Contact Baker and Associates today, someone you can trust without reservation, and with their other trusted member professionals, can assist you by providing Insurance Evaluation & Bidding Services that fit your needs. 


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