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Group Presentations are available upon request on Ethics Case Studies, Whistle-Blower Audits and other exposures of unethical behavior occurring in the public government sector and the private sector. Lessons learned from these case studies on ethics, audits, media relations and change and control in government are a must see. The "Whistleblower Audit" presentation reveals Auditors concerns about employee felony theft cover-ups, non-existent monthly financial balance sheet reporting tools, the employee culture of GAAP non-compliance, and what happens after the New Auditors have to perform 64 Adjusting Journal Entries (AJE's) to correct the previous fiscal year city financial accounts that came to a millions of dollar!!

These presentations are based off of real life experiences through Brett's time as a governmental ICMA-CM City Administrator, City Clerk, and Public Works Director in various Nebraska & Kansas cities.  These presentations are meant to highlight the ethical blind-spots and liability exposure that lead an organization, like a city, and its elected and appointed officials into trouble by having employees who are unaccountable and not having the measures put in place to prevent economic fraud.


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